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Oklahoma Farm Report did an article on Base Vines and Cattle

Article for the Geary Star.

Base Vines and Cattle Winery and event center, a new addition to the Geary community is now open.  Just north of Geary, overlooking grassy, rolling hills sits a little, one-room school house that has been transformed into one of Oklahoma’s newest wineries - Base Vines and Cattle.  Owned by Aaron and Jennifer Base, this hobby turned commercial with the renovation of the one-room school house that they obtained just west of Greenfield. This was not the Schoolhouses’ first move though.  According to their understanding, it was moved in the 1950’s from Watonga, but the only information they can find indicates that it was an original Rosendale schoolhouse built sometime around 1928.  The Base family has the sign that hung on the schoolhouse and one can just barely make out the words “West Mount Pleasant”.  Aaron and Jennifer moved the school to a quarter of land just outside of Geary that has one acre of their Syrah grapes growing on it and offers a picturesque view to their visitors. They started making wine to sell to the public last year after they were able to finalize their bonding.  According to Jennifer, “It took a full year of paperwork and appointments with health inspectors and the Fire Marshall but the process is finally completed and since August of 2011, we have now been bonded with both the state and Federal Government.”  For a winery to be “bonded” means that both the state and Federal governments are informed that a specific winery is up to code and registered to pay their taxes. The Bases started this process in August of 2010, with the filling of the Federal application followed by the application for state bonding. Due to pregnancy and then a new baby getting bonded at the state level took a little longer for them.  However, once they were able to meet the inspections it only took 3 months to finish up the process. Due to the success of their existing vines they will be adding five more varieties to the vineyard this year.  At this stage, planting different grape varieties is an experiment to see which one will grow best in their region.  Jennifer is able to look at some of the test vineyards around the state and see how different varieties are producing and also determine if they have a good flavor but that does not mean that the same variety will perform the same on their land.  According to her, “The only way to know how grapes will do on your ground is to plant them and see.”  On nights that the schoolhouse is not regularly open, it is available for rent for special events.  It is the perfect place to have a small wedding, family reunion or any kind of get together.  The Bases really enjoy their guests and would love to show you the schoolhouse!  Included in the old school’s new facelift are two decks, an outdoor patio, restrooms and a kitchenette.  Several tables are available if they are needed for a special event as well.  Base Vines and Cattle is located 1 mile north of Geary, 3.5 miles west, and ¾ of a mile south just off of American Horse Road. They are open on Fridays from 5-8 pm or by appointment. For more information contact 405-884-1066, “Like” them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter or see their website at:

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