Base Vines & Cattle
Winery/Tasting Room
115 West Main St
Geary OK

Hours of operation:
1-6 PM on Fridays and Saturdays. Check our Facebook page to see any last minute closings.

Porch Light  Chardonnay
  Porch Light has a lovely citrus note on the nose with a buttery smooth flavor up front and an acidic kick at the end. A very easy wine to enjoy.


An Oklahoma syrah made off of the same one acre plot of land on the winery property as the Signature Red. Coil has the potential to mature into our Signature Red wine, but just needs a little time. You can taste hints of vanilla and berry in this syrah. If you like a Zippy young wine then this is the wine for you, we like to think of it as being in its teenage years. Unsure of what it wants to be, but give it a little time and patience and it will bloom into a full-bodied, bold Syrah that commands to be taken seriously.

Revelery Cabernet/Petite Syrah blend

Sweet Revelery Sparkling Cabernet/Petit Syrah blend

Verdure Vignole--A floral  semi-dry wine with hints of apple.

Double Line Chardonelle--A woodsy semi-dry wine.

Glitz Sparkling Norton/Chardonelle Blend

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